10 Most Expensive Bike Stories


Estimated Price: $ 1 million

At cool $1 million, this is the world's first and only million dollar Harley. Artist Jack Armstrong's "Cosmic Starship" Harley-Davidson motorcycle which he painted, has been unveiled at Bartels Harley-Davidson in Marina Del Rey, California (United States) October 21, 2010. Armstrong is renowned for his inimitable painting style called Cosmic Extensionalism and his paintings usually range from $300,000 to $3,000,000.

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Ultra Rare Porcupine

Estimated Price: $ 750,000

A rare 1954 AJS E95 "Porcupine" motorcycle is being expected to become the world's most expensive motorcycle when it goes on sale at the Bonham's auction at the Pebble Beach Car Week this August. The motorcycle is one of the only four AJS E95 Porcupines built by British manufacturer AJS during World War II. The 1954 AJS E95 Porcupine, which has been with the National Motorcycle Museum in Coventry for last 20 years, got its name from its distinctive spiked fins on the sloping cylinders.

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Gold Plated Custom Chopper

Estimated Price: $ 500,000

The spellbinding two-wheeler of Yamaha is actually a ‘metric’ chopper that was designed and built by Sam Nehme, owner of Florida’s premium motorcycle custom and dealership store, Broward Motorsports and BMS Choppers.The 24-karat gold plated Yamaha Road Star mounts a 1,700cc V-twin engine, but it offers only a single seat that is covered with fine red velvet like a king’s throne. The length of the bike is 3.5 meters and it incorporates a single-sided “fork” on the front that was created after extensive testing and design work. The bike also includes an air-ride system. In addition, there is a single-sided swing-arm rear suspension in Nehmesis that enables the riders to lift the bike up to 25 centimetres from the ground or bring it down to the surface level.

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The legendary British classic black

Estimated Price: $ 400,000

The Black Lightning was a Vincent-HRD motorcycle first built in September 1948 at the Vincent works in Great North Road,Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK, and produced from 1948 to 1952. At the time the Black Lightning was the fastest production motorcycle in the world,Legendary Black Vintage is a unique bike and finds no match in the world. The bike has two cylinders to provide the 250 cc performance. Bike was produced in the United Kingdom. This bike may not provide you with the fastest speed, but it will certainly accelerate people to see your house on this exclusive antique bike. This is the 4th most expensive bike

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Ecosse FE Ti XX

Estimated Price: $ 300,000

Ecosse is known for making top of the line luxury motorcycles that are held to ridiculously high standards, but the best one they ever made was the Titanium Series FE Ti XX back in 2011. This bike is the final one in the Heretic Series and as the last bike produced in the series, it was the most refined and exquisite model produced by Ecosse. This work of art had a starting price tag of $300,000, which made it the most expensive production bike in the world at the time, and also meant you’d have to have a wallet as heavy as titanium to buy one.The pipes of this bike are made of Grade 9 titanium, and it’s boosted by 225 horsepower. These features helped it win several awards from motorcycle and business magazines alike. According to Ecosse, one customer even purchased this model without the fluids so he could keep it on display in his home as a “sculpture.” If I paid 300,000 dollars for a bike, I wouldn’t want to ride it around either

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Hub less Harley Davidson

Estimated Price: $ 155,000

Hub less Harley is another addition to the list of top ten most expensive bikes in the world. It has a basic Harley Davidson style. Howard murderer has adjusted the bike and it’s a big deal. The look of this chopper is unlike any other. Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their impressive look.The bike can reach speeds of 100mph, weighs around 700 pounds, and uses a 1969 Harley Davidson Pan Shovel 80ci engine. This means nothing to me, obviously, but it sounds very impressive.It’s the work of New Jersey firm Howards Killer Customs, and it cost a whopping $150,000 to make. Hopefully there some Hell’s Angels out there rich enough to afford it, otherwise some businessman will buy it as part of their midlife crisis, and it’ll end up gathering dust in a garage when they realise they’re not the Easy Rider they thought they were

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Hildebrand Wolfmüller

Estimated Price: $ 150,000

Approximately two thousand examples of this motorcycle were built,[5] but with a high initial purchase price and fierce competition from improving designs (this model was entirely "run and jump" with neither clutch nor pedals) it is not thought to have been a great commercial success. The Hildebrand & Wolfmüller factory closed in 1919 after the First World War.[1][4] The motorcycle was also built under licence in Paris by Duncan and Superbie

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Harley Davidson Rocker

Estimated Price: $ 130,000

Another Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson Rocker is in the race. The bike was was adapted from a well-known German company called House of Thunder. Every detail of the bike is out of this world. It’s a great catch with 37 degrees inclined front and rear, which is very close to the tire. The looks are pretty jaw-dropping

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Coventry Eagle

Estimated Price: $ 120,000

Coventry-Eagle made Royal Eagle bicycles in the 1890s and built their first JAP-powered motorised bicycle around the turn of the century, perhaps 1901. By 1903 they were making motorcycles and by 1916 they had produced quite a variety of machines assembled from mostly proprietory components. In 1921 they were producing 500cc singles and a JAP-powered 680cc V-Twin, and in 1923 introduced the 976cc Flying Eight which competed in both speed and quality with Brough. They continued to expand the range until the effects of the Depression were felt in 1929. Production continued until 1939. Coventry Eagle is a very old bike of Royal Eagle Company. Although it is a little less than a hundred years old, the bike is still good to go on the road. Designed for the classy riders and believers of the phrase ‘Old is Gold’. Well, the price certainly makes it gold

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Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Estimated Price: $ 110,000

There's the startling, dare we say sexy, design that fuses raw power with crisp simplicity. It's an evolution of the machine, at once taken back down to its core elements while being reinvented and re-engineered for optimal performance. It's our street-legal sci-fi dream come to life, in the form of the limited-edition Fighter Motorcycle. Ours exclusively courtesy of Confederate Motor Company®, the first ever Fighter packs 190 mph of performance into its cutting edge carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis. There's the 64" wheelbase, 27"H seat, integrated braking system, lots of high-tech bells and whistles, and custom NM edition features. But, honestly, ride it once and you'll be too jacked up on adrenaline to remember all the details

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Dodge Tomahawk

Estimated Price: $700,000

The Dodge Tomahawk was a non–street legal concept vehicle introduced by Dodge at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Dodge's extraordinary claims of a top speed of 420 mph (680 km/h) were derided by experts in land speed records, and the Tomahawk never demonstrated a speed above 100 mph (160 km/h).The Art Deco design was the work of Chrysler staff designer Mark Walters and featured the 500 hp (370 kW) 8.3-litre (510 cu in) V10SRT10 engine from the Dodge Tomahawk .The vehicle has two front wheels and two rear wheels,( Four-wheel bike) making it a kind of motorised quadricycle rather than a typical motorcycle. The pairs of wheels move independently, allowing it to countersteer and lean in turns like a motorcycle.

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Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

Estimated Price: $ 14399

The Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R) is a sport bike motorcycle made by Suzuki since 1999. It immediately won acclaim as the world's fastest production motorcycle, during the race Loring Timing Association American Bill Warner (Bill Warner) dispersed the upgraded version of Hayabusa up to 502 km/h per hour, which was a new speed record on a motorcycle.In the base sport bike equipped with the latest 197-horsepower four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1340 cubic centimeters

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MTT turbine superbike Y2K

Estimated Price: $150,000

The MTT Turbine Superbike, also known as the Y2K Turbine Superbike, is a wheel-driven motorcycle powered by aturboshaft engine. When MTT president Ted Mclntyre decided to add a motorcycle to his firm's range, he appointed Christian Travert, a former bike racer and custom builder, to head the project. The machine is powered by a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 gas turbine producing 320 shp (240 kW) at 52,000 rpm.[1] Unlike some earlier jet-powered motorcycles, where a massive jet engine provided thrust to push the motorcycle, the turboshaft engine on this model drives the rear wheel via a two-speed gearbox and chain and sprocket.

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Lightning Electric Superbike

Estimated Price:

Lightning Motorcycle Corp. is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. CEO and Founder Richard Hatfield started the company in 2006 from San Carlos, California.The Lightning Electric Superbike set a new land speed record with an average of 173.388 mph at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats.[2] It later set a new record in 2012 with a 2 way average of 215.96 mph and a top speed of 218.96 mph in Bonneville. In 2012, the solar-powered Barracuda Lightning Bike won the joint eGrandPrix TTXGP and FIM ePower electric motorcycle racing series at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca with rider Michael Barnes Superbike was considered the fastest motorcycle in the world, working on an electric motor. According to the results of test check of the Great Salt Lake Desert Lightning Electric Superbike has a top speed 352 (km/h) per hour.

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Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

Estimated Price:  $10,999

The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is a useable, comfortable, tidy handling sports tourer but also a ballistic power-house that used to hold the record as the fastest production motorcycle. The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird is sensible and utterly insane in one nicely presented Honda package. One of the best all-round motorcycles out there. Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird rivals are plentiful but none match this proven motorcycle.

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Yamaha YZF R1

Estimated Price: $14,699,

Yamaha has revealed the official details on the 2011 YZF-R1, the only production motorcycle with a crossplane crankshaft. The 2011 YZF-R1 is powered by a 998cc, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 4 engine developing 182 hp at 12500 rpm and 115.5 Nm (85 lb.ft.) of torque at 10,000 rpm, and delivering a fuel consumption of 40mpg (5.88 l/100km).The engine features forged aluminum pistons that take maximum advantage of the power characteristics. Titanium intake valves are lightweight. A forced-air intake system is adopted to increase intake efficiency by using the natural airflow during riding to pressurize the air in the air box. This contributes to outstanding power delivery characteristics in the high-speed range, while the design also helps to minimize intake noise.

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MV Agusta F4 1000 R

Estimated Price: $26,498.00

The new MV Agusta F4 R 2012 has been designed to offer clients a superbike with extreme performance. The key feature of the F4 R is, in fact, the new “Corsa Corta” engine capable of extraordinary performance and already employed on the F4 RR, the top of the MV Agusta superbike range.The new 4 cylinder inline with radial valves is the pulsing heart of the MV Agusta F4 R. The thermodynamics have been completely redesigned, starting from the new low inertia crankshaft which makes it possible to use a super over-square bore and stroke ratio. In this way, the MV F4 R is capable of reaching rpm worthy of a pure racing motorcycle. The engine capacity of 998cc has been obtained by using a bore of 79 mm and a stroke of only 50.9 mm. In this way it is possible to achieve an extremely high 13700 rpm rev limit while at the same time lowering the linear velocity of the piston from 24.9 m/s to 23 m/s improving reliability.

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Kawasaki ninja ZX-11ZZ-R1100

Estimated Price:

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 (or ZZ-R1100) is a motorcycle that was produced from 1990 to 2001. It was marketed as the ZX-11 Ninja in North America and the ZZ-R1100 in the rest of the world. The C-model ran from 1990 to 1993 while the D-model ran from 1993 to 2001. The ZX-10 was the predecessor of the ZX-11 Ninja

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Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille

Estimated Price:

The Aprilia RSV 1000 R is a sport bike motorcycle made by Italian company Aprilia from 2004 through 2010. Along with the bike's redesign Aprilia renamed the RSV from RSV Mille to RSV 1000 R.[2] It is offered in three versions: RSV 1000 R (while the "R" designation on the RSV Mille signified the higher spec version) is the standard version, the higher spec version is ,The chassis is decorated with a modern motorcycle suspension tech and hi-tech heart of a 1000-cc engine. Slap the bike accelerates to a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.The Aprilia RSV 1000 R comes with carbon fibre body panels, magnesium wheels, full titanium exhaust, titanium nuts, bolts and fasteners (reducing the motorcycle's weight to 175 kg).[verification needed][1] It is powered by an enhanced version of the 60° v-twinmagnesium engine producing 104 kW (139 hp) @ 10,000 rpm.[1] Only 200 RSV 1000 R Nera motorcycles were made

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BMW K 1200 S

Estimated Price:

Hyper-sports touring motorcycle. One of the latest BMWs and that means it’s a seriously sorted motorcycle. The BMW K1200S has Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa rivalling power but comfort and practicality too. Some radical engineering and plenty of proven technology. The latest Japanese hyper motorcycles are edging again on power – but the BMW K1200S is never short of shove.The BMW K1200S capacity 167 horsepower provides to disperse hundreds of 2.8 seconds. In addition, the model has excellent handling on the road: low center of gravity can literally "go" in the turns, and electronic suspension adjustment and anti-lock system increases smoothness.

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